Monday, October 29, 2007


The predictions in review

The predictions were posted on March 29th, and exactly seven months later, it's now time to see how everyone did.

Actual resultsSports IllustratedBill James formulaLevi's predictions
AL East
1. Boston Red Sox (96-66)1. N.Y. Yankees1. N.Y. Yankees (96-66)1. Boston Red Sox
2. N.Y. Yankees (94-68)2. Boston Red Sox2. Boston Red Sox (89-73)2. N.Y. Yankees
3. Toronto Blue Jays (83-79)3. Toronto Blue Jays3. Toronto Blue Jays (85-77)3. Toronto Blue Jays
4. Baltimore Orioles (69-93)4. Baltimore Orioles4. Baltimore Orioiles (71-91)4. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
5. Tampa Bay Devil Rays (66-96)5. Tampa Bay Devil Rays5. Tampa Bay Devil Rays (63-99)5. Baltimore Orioles
AL Central
1. Cleveland Indians (96-66)1. Cleveland Indians1. Chicago White Sox (93-69)1. Minnesota Twins
2. Detroit Tigers (88-74)2. Detroit Tigers2. Minnesota Twins (92-70)2. Detroit Tigers
3. Minnesota Twins (79-83)3. Chicago White Sox3. Detroit Tigers (87-75)3. Cleveland Indians
4. Chicago White Sox (72-90)4. Minnesota Twins4. Cleveland Indians (83-79)4. Chicago White Sox
5. Kansas City Royals (69-93)5. Kansas City Royals5. Kansas City Royals (60-102)5. Kansas City Royals
AL West
1. L.A. Angels (94-68)1. L.A. Angels1. L.A. Angels (91-71)1. L.A. Angels
2. Seattle Mariners (88-74)2. Oakland Athletics1. Oakland Athletics (91-71)2. Oakland Athletics
3. Oakland Athletics (76-86)3. Texas Rangers3. Texas Rangers (80-82)3. Texas Rangers
4. Texas Rangers (75-87)4. Seattle Mariners4. Seattle Mariners (75-87)4. Seattle Mariners
NL East
1. Philadelphia Phillies (89-73)1. N.Y. Mets1. N.Y. Mets (92-70)1. N.Y. Mets
2. N.Y. Mets (88-74)2. Atlanta Braves2. Philadelphia Phillies (86-76)
2. Atlanta Braves
3. Atlanta Braves (84-78)3. Philadelphia Phillies3. Atlanta Braves (83-79)3. Philadelphia Phillies
4. Washington Nationals (73-89)4. Florida Marlins4. Florida Marlins (80-82)4. Florida Marlins
5. Florida Marlins (71-91)5. Washington Nationals5. Washington Nationals (74-88)5. Washington Nationals
NL Central
1. Chicago Cubs (85-77)1. St. Louis Cardinals1. St. Louis Cardinals (89-73)1. St. Louis Cardinals
2. Milwaukee Brewers (83-79)2. Chicago Cubs2. Houston Astros (84-78)2. Milwaukee Brewers
3. St. Louis Cardinals (78-84)3. Milwaukee Brewers3. Cincinnati Reds (78-84)3. Chicago Cubs
4. Houston Astros (73-89)4. Houston Astros4. Milwaukee Brewers (77-85)4. Cincinnati Reds
5. Cincinnati Reds (72-90)5. Pittsburgh Pirates5. Chicago Cubs (70-92)5. Houston Astros
6. Pittsburgh Pirates (68-94)6. Cincinnati Reds6. Pittsburgh Pirates (67-95)6. Pittsburgh Pirates
NL West
1. Arizona Diamondbacks (90-72)1. L.A. Dodgers1. San Diego Padres (86-76)1. Arizona Diamondbacks
2. Colorado Rockies (90-73)2. Arizona Diamondbacks2. L.A. Dodgers (82-80)2. L.A. Dodgers
3. San Diego Padres (89-74)3. San Diego Padres3. Arizona Diamondbacks (76-86)3. San Diego Padres
4. L.A. Dodgers (82-80)4. Colorado Rockies3. San Francisco Giants (76-86)4. San Francisco Giants
5. San Francisco Giants (71-91)5. San Francisco Giants5. Colorado Rockies (73-89)5. Colorado Rockies

(Levi's predictions, made in the comments to the March 29th post, didn't actually include the Rockies, which I didn't notice until I was preparing this table. If he wants to lie in the comments to this post and claim he meant to put them in first or second place in the NL West, that's his prerogative.)

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There's a team in Colorado now? Wow--that's cool.
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