Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Sorry, Devil Rays

This site, called Cool Standings, shows the major league baseball standings -- including expected wins, expected losses, and their calculation of each team's chances to win the division, win the wild card, and make it to the playoffs, period. The Red Sox currently have a 96.5% chance of making the playoffs; the Padres are tops in the NL, with a 90.9% chance.

If you click on each team's name, you get more stats, including a graph showing how their playoff chances have risen and fallen during the season. The one for the Yankees is particularly recommended.

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Via e-mail, I have been informed of another site, with even more data, called Sports Club Stats. It's pretty impressive (and covers sports other than baseball as well).
I think it's safe to say that the D' Rays and the Yankees have approximately the same chance of being in the playoffs.

Mordecai Brown
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