Saturday, July 14, 2007


The greatest of all time

Oh, this is good. Not only has Rickey Henderson been hired as the new Mets hitting coach, but the guy at 100% Injury Rate has compiled his twenty-five favorite Rickey stories. #13 almost made me pass out.

How long until all the Mets have .400 on-base percentages?

Since we're talking about Rickey, I figure it's worth listing his career numbers; because of all the goofiness surrounding him, I think it's easy to forget just how good he was.

.279/.401/.419 in 3081 games. 2190 walks. 1406 stolen bases. 2295 runs.

As Bill James use to say, you could cut Rickey in half and you'd have two hall of famers.

Oh, and one last thing for your Saturday: George Brett has discovered--and is raving Congratulations to Sean Forman, the site's founder and proprietor.

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Great post, Levi.
I was about on the floor laughing about the Rickey stuff. I had heard that story about Olerud and also wished it was true.
And as a former sponsor on (Bob Sykes' page), I'm glad to hear Brett (one of the biggest stars when I was growing up) appreciates it.
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