Sunday, March 11, 2007


Whoop, um, ee?

This year's Devil Rays uniform patch:

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The Devil Rays have accomplished two things in their ten years: 1) They are undoubtedly the worst dome team in the history of baseball. The first ten years of the Mariners were pretty futile, but at least their dome was interesting. I mean, hell, it killed somebody. And 2) It provided Lou Pinella such a bad experience that it made him go further into the deeper end of mental health territory. He is so nuts now that he actually believes he can make the Cubs "swagger".
And they weren't stolen by Bud Selig after one season like the Seattle Pilots. That's got to count for something. Add in Rocco Baldelli and you've got sufficient reason for a celebratory patch--and all the games are free this year, right?
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