Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The bold new look of baseballrelated.com

I was getting a little tired of the page design -- in particular, the mishmash of archive links at the bottom. (I wish the archive links list could be set to display the most recent month first, but that doesn't seem to be a Blogger option.)

We're also now an Amazon.com associate, in addition to being an iTunes affiliate. The page listing baseball songs will be updated soon -- actually, all the non-blog pages will, in order to match the new look. Rest assured that any money made from Amazon will be, of course, put towards baseball-related program activities.


very all american! but i'm afraid it isn't rendering properly in my browser (firefox on ie). the photo of you fellows & the links below it are pushed down below your post, and my resolution is pretty high.
Looks great on my Mac. Outstanding job, Levi's wife (web designer). Thanks for the article you sent, Levi - it was great.
Mrs. Levi wasn't responsible for this new design -- if she were, I'm sure it would look fine in all web browsers to begin with. (Since I'm at the office, I can also report that the problem is there in IE6, which is what we use here for our web browsing needs.)

This new design was all me, taking one of Blogger's templates and tweaking it a bit, but I don't think my tweaks are the problem (I didn't do much tweaking anyway, since my CSS skills are pretty weak). I'll look at it again once I get home from work.
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