Friday, July 07, 2006


Define "control"

Have you all seen this? It's a clip of Joe Mikulik, manager of the Rockies' single-A affiliate, the Asheville Tourists, throwing what might be the best managerial tantrum I've ever seen. It happened while I was on vacation, and the first I heard of it was this story in USA Today, which is worth reading even after you see the video, if only because it's fun to see all the various protest actions Mikulik chooses to take listed one after another.

Near the end of the article, Mikulik, despite apologizing, says, "I never lost control, though it looked like I did. I thought I was in total control the whole time."

P.S. Thanks, YouTube. You're the best.

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A longer version of the tantrum, with different camera angles than ESPN used, available here. I'm surprised there were that many camera angles available (since it doesn't look like the game was being televised live) -- maybe everyone knew in advance something was going to happen, or maybe Class A baseball gets more coverage on the TV news in Lexington than it did in Tampa back when Class A was the only baseball available there.
And, of course, it gets even MORE coverage now that it's NOT the only baseball available there.
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