Saturday, May 27, 2006


While we're on the subject

Now people are just piling on. This is today's installment of the nondescript comic strip "Adam@Home." (Actually, the copyright date looks like 2003, so this may be a repeat. That's one problem with getting a comic strip online instead of in a decent newspaper that usually remembers to put a notice above each strip that's a rerun.)

In other news, during yesterday's lockdown of the Rayburn House Office Building, preparing to do a search for a suspected gunman, the Capitol police sent out this e-mail: "During the search, the police officers will knock three times on each office door, announce 'United States Capitol Police,' knock three additional times and then voice the code word 'baseball.' Open your office doors for the police, and cooperate with all police instructions." Baseball fever is still strong in Washington!


Nothing to do with this subject, but on a (high school) baseball-related note, just wanted Levi to know his hometown team is one away from a berth in the state tournament, which will be held this year in Joliet. If they make it there, was hoping you'd be able to make the trip over.
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