Monday, April 24, 2006


They needed an easy-to-read team name

Here's some baseball-related nostalgia...

That's from "The Electric Company," original air date April 15, 1977. No, I have no idea what's wrong with the mouths -- perhaps that's why they didn't give one to Spider-Man in his "Electric Company" iteration. Anyway, the villain in this episode is The Wall, who, disguised as a piece of the outfield wall at Shea Stadium, runs forward at a crucial point in the game, giving the other team a home run. Why, yes, that does sound like something from the "Major League Supercrimebusters" segments of "The Complacents."

(You know who the head writer of "The Electric Company" was for most of its run? Joss Whedon's father.)

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wow, jim. wow.
Perhaps I should have mentioned that this came down the line, strong as it can be, through the courtesy of this DVD set. I'd loan it to you, except that I borrowed it from someone myself.
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