Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Radio daze

Remember, the Cardinals are no longer on KMOX. Now it's also possible that the Pirates may be leaving their longtime radio home, KDKA.

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What's this I see on about my hometown Rochester Red Wings playing against the Minnesota Twins on MLB opening day? What's the story?
I think the Pirates should stay on KDKA and embrace their "older listening audience." They (the older listeners) are the only ones who can remember when the team was actually good.
I have been able to pull in KDKA at nights on occasion here in southern Illinois.
During my Northwest Indiana nights, I was able to pick up KDKA & KMOX. But it was to listen to Penguins & Blues games. I've also managed to receive WJR Detroit and WABC New York at times. But, alas, it was to listen to Red Wings & Devils games.

And I believe the Red Wings (Rochester variety) are the Twins' Triple-A affiliate. The winner gets to play in the AL Central for the season, while the loser is regulated to the International League.
Thanks Jason, that explains things a little. Rochesterians are probably rooting for the Twins to win, since fielding a team in the "International" League would help justify the name of the Greater Rochester "International" Airport.
I forgot to mention the slogan that was once in use to promote Rochester Red Wings baseball: "There's Nothing 'Minor' About It!"
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