Sunday, March 19, 2006


Life outside the diamond is a wrench

There's one former Dodger in the title, and another former Dodger alluded to in the lyrics, and half of was in the audience, so of course "Piazza, New York Catcher" was performed in Los Angeles -- even though Stuart Murdoch had to refer to a cheat sheet a couple of times for the lyrics. Of course, it now refers to a bygone era, but replacing "New York" and "Mets" with "San Diego" and "Padres" would break the rhythm.

Incidentally, $30 for a concert, not including the Ticketmaster "convenience" charges that brought it up to nearly $45, and I didn't even get to sit down! Baseball is truly your best entertainment value, although it's somewhat unlikely that you'll hear a lot of Scottish art-school alterna-pop at a baseball game. (But if you are very lucky, you will hear "Walk Away Renee" -- referred to in "Piazza, New York Catcher" -- played on the organ.)

Which reminds me...only two weeks till the season starts.

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Dammit Jim, why didn't you get a photo of the final scoreboard?
levi saw them at the riviera in chicago, so that tour was attended by all of
Bob: Because unlike most everyone else who was at the concert, I do not own a cell phone with picture-taking ability.

Did they play "Piazza, New York Catcher" in Chicago for Levi's benefit? They don't have a set list listed for either show.
Actually, I can provide you with a few scoreboard stats...

1 opening act that I wish had played longer (truth be told, I probably wouldn't have been willing to pay $30-plus for this show if I didn't like The New Pornograpehrs a lot)

8 cute women picked out of the audience to stand onstage and do hand claps on "Funny Little Frog"

1 mysterious eighth member of Belle & Sebastian, who played cello or keyboards on a few songs and didn't get introduced

1 -- number of times Stuart Murdoch fell off the stage while attempting to kneel and shake hands with fans in the front row and simultaneously play guitar

1 pair of panties (a.k.a. "knickers") thrown onstage.

11:35 PM -- time concert ended

11:42 PM -- time last Red Line train leaves the station across from the theater; I figured I'd be cutting it close with the time if I took the subway, so I drove instead, and ended up parking further from the Wiltern than Levi lives from the Riviera.
I don't know who The New Porno Grape Hours are, but I'm sure I would enjoy them almost as much as The New Pornographers.
Did they call a woman up on stage to sing "Lazy Line Painter Jane" with them?

Just checking to make sure she was really a fan, not a plant. 'Cause she was good.
No, people in L.A. can only handle handclaps. (I don't think they played "Lazy Line Painter Jane," much less had a confederate perform singing duties.)
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