Monday, January 23, 2006


Why baseball is better than football

The name of the National Football League's championship game seems to compel every semi-literate person on the Internet -- as well as a surprisingly large number of otherwise fully literate people who should know better -- to spell it as one word. The cumulative effect of this is going to lead to me having a brain aneurysm by the time Game Number XLVII comes around.

But you never see "Worldseries"!


It's not as if the words "Super Bowl" actually mean anything. The game has only been held in a "bowl" once (the Rose Bowl). The winner is not awarded a Super Bowl but a Vince Lombrdi Trophy. Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt got the idea for the name from the Super Ball toy. So you should get an aneurysm from Superball before you get one from Superbowl.
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