Monday, December 05, 2005


What good is this blog if we can't use it to embarrass people we know?

Here is Oakland Tribune Giants beat reporter Andrew Baggarly appearing on Young People's Week on the syndicated version of "Card Sharks" (with host Bill Rafferty) in 1987.

Unfortunately, it's the last game of the week, so it's a rushed, sudden-death kind of thing, and we don't get to hear much from li'l Andy -- especially since he doesn't get to play the bonus round for the trip to Hawaii. (Oh, sorry, should I not have spoiled an 18-year-old game show?)

Thanks to TiVo for religiously recording the Rafferty "Card Sharks" once GSN started rerunning it earlier this year, and thanks to Jason for pointing out that this does have a connection to baseball and was therefore eligible for posting here.

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What you neglect to mention is that the host clearly gives leading suggestions to Andy's opponent, a little girl who is more or less clueless. The girl changes her answer to a question at the not-so-subtle urging of the host, and she goes on to win the game. I might be imagining, but in my memory of seeing this more than a decade ago, I see Li'l Baggs fuming in silence, absolutely gobsmacked by the blatant favoritism.
So I assume he went to NU with you two??
Toby: Yes, I think he was a year behind us.

Levi: That is exactly what Andy just complained about in an e-mail to me. He's also offered to show us around The Baseball Park in San Francisco That Nobody's Sure What It's Going To Be Called Next Season -- you know, the place where the Giants play -- if you can make it out to the West Coast next year without alerting your in-laws. (I can't remember if you've been there or not.)
we've talked quite often about surprising mrs. shintani at the end of a week-long visit to the bay area. sounds like this summer is a good time to do it.
Oh Boy!
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