Tuesday, December 13, 2005


They needed a big empty space, and...

On tonight's episode of "The Amazing Race," one of the tasks for the three teams of four remaining in the race was to search among the seats of Olympic Stadium in Montreal for one of three small boxes containing a departure time for a flight the next morning -- and then nap on cots on the floor of the stadium until time to go to the airport.

So there were 12 people (plus an indeterminate number of cameramen and other production people) inside Olympic Stadium, which is probably more than they've had in there in quite a while, and yet the concession stands did not appear to be open and serving poutine! What a travesty.

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I think they were actually taping this episode when we were there to see a game, Jim. There were about the right number of people in the ballpark.

Oh, and why doesn't an enterprising young millionaire open a minor-league team in Montreal? Sure, you'd need a ballpark, but the city has demonstrated, despite being kicked in the head by MLB again and again, that it will support a good baseball team--at the very least, it can support a good triple-A team.
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