Thursday, December 08, 2005


Remember these golden classics

Bet you weren't expecting this at this late date! Courtesy of Mrs. Levi, we have some late additions to the pool of photographs of the 2004 trip. In Cleveland, here are Maura, Jim, Dan, and Dianne, and you may notice that Dan is eagerly showing off a Hostess Baseball:

And eight days before that, in St. Louis, standing in a location that doesn't exist anymore, here are The Flash, Trainman, Cap'n Slap, and Bicycle Repairman (in their not-so-secret identities as Tony, Jim, Levi, and Luke):

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Those two photos and many more can now be found on Flickr.
Hostess Baseballs? AWESOME!
I think The Flash lives in Central City. That's about a 5 second dash from St. Louis, right?
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