Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Pure good meets pure evil; hair cut, universe destroyed

Well, despite my unemployment, I've been feeling pretty good recently. Hmm, as long as I'm sitting here in front of my computer waiting for "Deal or No Deal" to accumulate on the TiVo, I'll activate iChat. Why, I've got an instant message popping up already! It's from hanger-on Maura. She usually has something interesting to say, often about baseball. I'll just bring the message window to the front, and...OH, MY GOD, NO!

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Did he actually cut it yet? Did he agree to cut it? And shave?

I wasn't sure I could hate the Yankees any more than being a red-blooded American naturally makes me do. But now I know: yes, I can.
You're hating the Yankees for having the good sense to sign one of your favorite players and pay him well?
That would be like hating the Packers if (back in the day) they had the good sense to sign Walter Payton away from the Bears and pay him well.

Or the Lakers signing away Larry Bird from the Celtics.

Or the Edmonton Oilers sending Wayne Gretzky to a non-Canadian team, especially a place like Los Angeles. (Oh, wait.)
hey, at least he didn't get highlights. (better keep him away from a-rod, tho.)
Yes--it's important to hate those who crush your dreams, even if it made sense for them to do so.
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