Tuesday, November 01, 2005


No need to play the games

Now we can get back to Bill James. Using a quick little formula provided in the 1986 edition of the Baseball Abstract, here are the early predictions for 2006:

AL East

N.Y. Yankees (93-69)
Boston Red Sox (91-71)
Toronto Blue Jays (77-85)
Baltimore Orioles (76-86)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (71-91)

AL Central

Chicago White Sox (90-72)
Cleveland Indians (87-75)
Minnesota Twins (84-78)
Detroit Tigers (73-89)
Kansas City Royals (62-100)

AL West

L.A. Angels (91-71)
Oakland A's (87-75)
Texas Rangers (82-80)
Seattle Mariners (70-92)

NL East

Atlanta Braves (90-72)
Philadelphia Phillies (86-76)
Florida Marlins (83-79)
N.Y. Mets (80-82)
Washington Nationals (78-84)

NL Central

St. Louis Cardinals (97-65)
Houston Astros (88-74)
Chicago Cubs (82-80)
Milwaukee Brewers (78-84)
Cincinnati Reds (76-86)
Pittsburgh Pirates (72-90)

NL West

San Diego Padres (83-79)
San Francisco Giants (81-81)
L.A. Dodgers (79-83)
Arizona Diamondbacks (72-90)
Colorado Rockies (71-91)

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Wow--not only did Bill James come up with a formula way back in 1986 that saw that there'd be a team in Tampa Bay in 2006--but he knew they were going to suck, too!

He could give Harry Selden a run for his money!
You can tell these are not actual Bill James predictions because he wouldn't have predicted that his beloved Kansas City Royals would lose 100 games.
I realize that I had the wrong spelling of Seldon. Shame on me. I meant the character from Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, not the editor who left his career to help Jewish refugees flee Nazi Europe.
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