Sunday, October 16, 2005


Sound the air-raid sirens

Four consecutive complete games? In the postseason? The White Sox bullpen must really suck!

On another note, since Levi has some stuffed animals that he lines up to watch Cardinals games with him, I decided to do the same on Saturday night with my stuffed animal collection...

I'm sure all the birds were rooting for their brethren the Cardinals, and cats are always in favor of birds running around, and I told Wallace they put cheese on their toasted ravioli in St. Louis, so he was happy -- but I suspect Shaun the Sheep was pulling for Mike Lamb and the Astros. I have no idea what Goofy was thinking.

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You should let them watch more games! I'm sure they really appreciated the gesture. :)

No one ever knows what Goofy's thinking.
Goofy's been rooting for the Cardinals since September 28, 1930, when James Hanna "Dizzy" Dean made his debut. I imagine.
jim, would you like me to crochet tiny red scarves for your baseball friends, as i have for levi's?
Rocky and Ginger already have scarves (to disguise the seam between the head and the body -- yes, I listened to the commentary on the "Chicken Run" DVD). The rest of them don't deserve scarves, because the wrong team wins when I let them watch baseball.
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