Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Score that play 6-3, and thus ends 2005

Wow, every time Levi's wife makes a jack-o'-lantern involving a baseball personality, their team with which they're associated wins the World Series! Levi, how does it feel to be married to someone with magic powers? I hope you're more accepting of it than Darrin Stephens!

No, seriously, I'm sure Stacey would be the first to tell you there's nothing otherworldly about her pumpkin carvings. However, consider the following: we started this blog at the beginning of the 2004 baseball season, and since then...

Clearly, the existence of this blog has been a major force for good in the world of baseball. Therefore, I'm considering starting a few more blogs.

Uh, but just for interest's sake, Stacey, whose face do you foresee rendering on a gourd next October?

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And does she take requests? Kyle Orton, please?!?
I'll take a pumpkin of Steve Nash please!
oh gosh. i can't comment on the pumpkin carving in advance; it spoils the magic. but let's just say that i plan to keep using my powers for good.
I look forward to the All-Cute All-Stars Pumpkin Head giveaway promotion on opening day at the Rocketship next year. (Jimmy Edmonds, please!)
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