Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Operation Duplicate Chili: a qualified success

Hey, look, I made chili! And there are plenty of things to put on and in it, including Farmer John brand bacon, in honor of the poor Dodgers (their longtime sponsor, one of the few "longtime" things the Dodgers still have)...

The chili would probably taste a little better if Derek Jeter weren't on TV, but that's what Fox gives us...

I call this only a "qualified success" because I've heard no reports from Levi on whether he's eating chili as well, which was the whole point of Operation Duplicate Chili. Levi's been jet-setting all about, going from apple orchards to public libraries in the Pacific Northwest. But since I have plenty of the chili left over -- and most of the makings for a second batch -- it's a safe bet that we'll be eating the same chili some night in October. Actually, not exactly the same, since I bet Levi won't be putting bacon on top of his.

The best part of the game was the tape of Joe Torre interviewing Gene Autry in the Angels' locker room in 1986; that tape's probably been shown before, but I don't remember having seen it.

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Sadly, Jim, we have not yet eaten Baseball Chili at the same time. Last night, due to its being a Yankee game and us giving people almost no warning, it was a small group: me and Stacey and Vince, and we therefore had pasta, figuring the chili was really a food for a bigger crowd.

But tonight's Chicago-style Hot Dogs and tomorrow night will be the Chili for a tivo-delayed Cardinals game.

Sadly, as always, my really busy time at work has coincided with the playoffs, so I'm not much good for posting.
No wonder you're busy at work; you're always taking days off to go to weddings. I will also TiVo-delay the Cardinals game on Thursday so I can watch and eat chili along with you (well, maybe not literally along with you, since I get home from work several hours after you do!).
The Cardinals won that game. I am an evil time-travelling warlord, so I would know.
You ruined the game for me with your spoiler. However, I'll forgive you if you'll let me have one of your slave girls on long-term loan -- surely you have plenty of extras. Genetically engineered women are welcome; I'll consider an android if she's especially lifelike.
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