Saturday, October 22, 2005


More baseball audio, just in time for the World Series

Shout! Factory, the imprint of the folks who used to run Rhino, has a new 4-CD box set out called "The Great American Baseball Box." Looks like only one CD is songs; the other three seem to include play-by-play clips and whatever other audio they could dig up. I've got almost all the songs already, so if they sold Discs 2 through 4 separately, I might be tempted.

Also, when the White Sox revealed that their playoff anthem is Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," it didn't take long for the record company to take advantage. This week, they released a 1981 live version as an iTunes single (maybe elsewhere as well). Actually, some of the iTunes reviewers claim the release is to promote a DVD release of the concert the song is taken from, but we know better -- everything comes back to baseball.

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Yes, and wasn't this whole Website started because of a JOURNEY you two took two summers ago??!!
Whoops - I meant last summer, not two summers ago. Sorry.
heaven is a lonely moose!
The journey was two summers ago, now that we're well into Autumn 2005, unless you're claiming that summer doesn't end until the World Series does.

There are only two Journey songs I like: "Lights," which kept getting played as a recurrent on Q105 in Tampa through much of my childhood because of its "city by the bay" theme (never mind that they were talking about San Francisco), and then "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'," which at one point I had conflated in my mind with "Lights," which means I was thinking they were two parts of the same song.

Particularly egregious are the two Journey songs on the "TRON" soundtrack, because they're taking up space that could otherwise have been used for much more Moog.
You've inadvertently touched on the best thing about Journey: any of their songs can be seamlessly melded into any of their other songs.
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