Sunday, October 09, 2005


If baseball games were decided by "number of cool things in the stadium"...

The banner at Petco Park that turned "Western Metal Supply Co." into "Western Division Champions" was very clever. Perhaps in New Busch Stadium, the Cardinals can have a legend under the scoreboard clock reading "Central Time" that can be appropriately altered in applicable Octobers.

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oh jim! you're such a time zone nerd!
And if someone revives the Eastern Airlines name, they could start sponsoring the Braves instead of Delta, thus allowing a temporary "Eastern Division Champions" sign at Turner Field if they're willing to have the Braves cover up part of their ad.

Time zone nerdiness comes from being a transportation geek.
But the White Sox or Angels could get some additional revenue by claiming 'American Airlines League Champions'. And the Cardinals or Astros can do the same with 'National Car Rental League Champs'.
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