Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Faux News

This just in: Fox has invited the Yankees and Red Sox to play a seven-game series in the consolation bracket. The games will be broadcast in prime time Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the NLCS and the ALCS play-by-play will be delivered via telegraph and local re-enactors. Or, if you prefer, you'll be able to get a radio broadcast by Scooter.

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Ă…bout time you posted again, Levi. I watched your beloved Wildcats win this past weekend. Exciting game! They should have beat Penn State, too.
But why couldn't NU have scored 51 in this game? (Yes, 53 would have been better, but 51 would at least have been less embarrassing for all concerned, except maybe the Arizona State defense.)
I watched the NU-Wisconsin game, and was getting a bit too into it. In an offensive shootout, who'dve thunk the game would be sealed by a Wildcat interception?

This is the 3rd Northwestern game shown on the ESPN networks. Must be some fellow alums in the scheduling department.

Anyway, back to baseball-related comments, I cannot wait to read and re-enact the titanic battles between the Houston Colt .45s and the St. Louis Cardinals at Sportsmans Park! And also who can resist the clash between the California Angels and Chicago White Stockings from Comiskey Park! Maybe Bill Veeck will have another midget bat clean-up!
We can only hope, Jason!
New update: Fox is also offering NLCS/ALCS viewer color commentary by Carrot Top and Gallagher.
Better than Tim McCarver! Heck, I'd even be in favor of Nibbles replacing Tim McCarver.
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