Thursday, October 13, 2005


A couple of notes from the ALCS (so far)

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There was an ALCS game last night?
What, the incessant showing of the DirecTV and Dish Network channel numbers for FX and "FX Alternate" didn't clue you in that there were two games going on simultaneously? Or did they not show those during the NLCS? Perhaps Fox realized that people looking for the ALCS were smart enough to use their satellite receiver's on-screen programming guide to -- oh, wait, that can't be right, because it's Fox corporate policy to specificially not ascribe any intelligence to their viewers.
Stop picking on my pal Scooter or I'll SPLAT you!
Oh no! Not Puppy Power! The humanity (or dogity, I guess)!

And Fox did cancel 'The Simple Life', so there maybe hope left.

But I doubt it.
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