Thursday, October 13, 2005


Congratulations, George Bush!

With the sale of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the subsequent firing of the only general manager in the team's history, Chuck LaMar--he of the .400 winning percentage over the team's 8 seasons--the field has been cleared for the Bush administration to take sole possession of first place in the "least accountable organization" standings.

Manifest failure? Sickening incompetence? Take a bow, Donald Rumsfeld. Smile while you're picking up your consulting check, Brownie. If you worked for anyone else--even the new and improved Tampa Bay Devil Rays--you'd be out of a job. As someone more clever than I put it, "Not only does the buck not stop there--it doesn't even slow down!" Well, it's finally landed, for the Devil Rays, at least.

Next step for the Devil Rays: setting some goals. Any kind of goals.

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