Monday, September 26, 2005


They are the champions

This handy list of 2005 minor league champions was in the agate type of Sunday's Los Angeles Times sports section, near the CFL results (Edmonton 37, British Columbia 20).

Note that two teams that play in cities along the route of the South Shore Line won league championships, which may be a good omen for the Chicago White Sox.

Meanwhile, here's Bill James, attending Game 1 of the 1985 World Series and writing about it in the 1986 Baseball Abstract: "On the way in I grumbled about the $30 price of the ticket, but on arriving at the park was struck by the absurdity of this; you pay $45 for tickets to a Broadway show and don't think anything of it, and this is the World Series." I believe Levi saw a Broadway show earlier this year, so perhaps he will enjoy that 1985 price quote as much as I did.

More from Bill James's extended review of the 1985 World Series coming soon, including a comparison of the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City, and the tale of That Dreadful Woman.

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Don't leave us hanging - How did the Ottawa Rough Riders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers do Saturday night? What's Montreal called these days - the Allouettes or the Concorde?
The CFL result I quoted was the one and only CFL result listed in Sunday's Los Angeles Times. And does this look like Football-Related Program Activities? But as long as I'm here, the Montreal Alouettes beat Winnipeg 42-23 on Sunday, and the Ottawa Rough Riders are no more; as the Ottawa Renegades, they lost to the Calgary Stampeders 45-23 last Thursday.

In other agate news, thanks to a Google Alert, I know that my aunt made the golf results in today's Newark Star-Ledger (scroll down to "LADIES - Play for Pink"). This is not the aunt who was a hanger-on during the trip last year; this is her sister-in-law.
Actually, the Ottawa Renegades are *not* the reincarnation of the Ottawa Rough Riders. The RR's folded after the 1996 season, and Canada's capital was CFL-less until the birth of the Renegades in 2002.

And in order to make this comment baseball-relevant, the Ottawa Lynx will likely soon be joining the Rough Riders as a team no longer in Ottawa. The current speculation is that the Triple-A team will move to Harrisburg or Allentown, PA.
Told you this wasn't Football-Related Program Activities!

If I can't keep the CFL teams straight, what chance do I have with Arena Football 2 (or "arenafootball2," as they spell it in their typographically-challenged way)? You might be surprised to learn how long it took me just now to figure out exactly where the Florida Firecats are located -- I was positive it'd be somewhere on their web site, but I ended up having to Google for the unfamiliar area code that was on the front of their ticket office phone number.
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