Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Meanwhile, the Devil Rays sign J'onn J'onzz

Some talk in Gene Weingarten's Washington Post chat today about The Flash's impact on the game if he were added to the Yankees lineup.

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As a mind reader, I guess Martian Manhunter would always know what pitch was coming. As a shapeshifter, I guess he could imitate the perfect slugger's physique. But all that's for shit if he can't hit.
I almost used "Aquaman" in the headline for this entry, but figured that was way too much of a cliche.

In "real life," of course, the Devil Rays would probably end up with The Punisher, since he's the only comic-book character I know of who operates in the Tampa Bay area (and even then, that was only in the movie). Unless we're going with a "DC for the American League, Marvel for the National League" rule.
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