Wednesday, September 14, 2005



At last night's Cubs/Reds game, two rows in front of me, sitting with a couple of season ticket holders whom I recognize but don't know, was a guy who had neglected to bring his shirt. He had, however, brought--and was displaying in their full glory--his late-seventies porn-star curls and moustache and his oddly incongruous gothic-lettered "Chi Town" tattoo, which was in the spot on the back where a tramp stamp would go on a gal.

His appearance alone, and his obvious joy in it, would have been worthy of note. But then he added to his allure by catching not one but two foul balls. Our section hardly ever gets foul balls hit anywhere near it, but last night Mr. Chi Town No-Shirt got one while strolling the aisle just to the left of us and a second that bounced right up to him in his seat. I had hopes that he would trade one of them to a drunk for a shirt, but it was not to be.

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Even with that guy, your game was a major improvement over the one I went to, where the home team lost 17-3; one where the home team's starting pitcher gave up six runs without getting an out before he was finally, mercifully, yanked. On the other hand, I got to hear James Earl Jones read the national anthem. And we still lead the hated Yankees in the season series. Without us they'd be in first place for sure.
But remember: any time the Yankees win, all true Americans are saddened. So we're all with you in your plight.
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