Thursday, September 15, 2005


I walk without a cut through a stained-glass wall

Last night, I dreamed that Levi, Stacey, and I had gone to a ballgame in Cincinnati. We'd parked across the Ohio River in Kentucky (knowing me, that was my decision, both for the "fun" of being able to park in another state and because the parking is cheaper over there), and were following the crowd to the stadium, but the crowd was for some reason walking parallel to the shoreline; we passed up at least a couple of bridges, and I woke up before we'd made it to the game.

Also, Levi was wearing his bathrobe in the car, but fortunately changed clothes somehow before we started walking to the stadium. Along the way, he complained that his naps are better when he's wearing daytime clothes.

Now, I do very much enjoy the company of Levi and Stacey, but as long as I was dreaming, why couldn't, for example, Caroline Dhavernas have been with us? Well, she probably wouldn't have been too happy about us not getting across the river.

P.S.: I guess Great American Ballpark is the only MLB stadium that's within reasonable walking distance of another state. I can think of a few where you can take public transportation from another state (both New York stadiums, both Chicago stadiums, Citizens Bank Park, and Busch Stadium) and one that's fairly easy to get to from another country via a combination of walking and public transportation (Petco Park).

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I just read the entire article about the Purple People Bridge. "Our research shows that convention groups and leisure visitors don't really know where the boundary is between Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky"? There's this river, see...

(I think she means that visitors to the area don't perceive a major difference between Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the way local residents might.)
What about Busch Stadium? Would it be cheaper to park in East St. Louis, Ill., or would the cost of replacing your stereo balance things out?
At least I wasn't also brushing my teeth. I hear you don't like it when people do that outside the confines of a bathroom or dentist's office.
It says Busch Stadium in the post, but to try to keep Luke from being embarrassed, I'll pretend one of us is talking about old Busch and one of us is talking about new Busch, and I won't mention that Luke is employed as a copy editor for a great metropolitan newspaper -- oops.

As I understand it, the light rail park-and-ride lots in East St. Louis are reasonably secure.
Levi hates napping. With or without a bathrobe, naps make him sad.
But Jim, you say GAB is the only interstate-walk stadium, and it seems like its eminently walkable from Illinois. Then again, for pedestrianists like me and Levi, anywhere is within walking distance ... if we have the time.
I didn't think Busch Stadium was particularly close to a pedestrian bridge, although Levi would know better than I would. I wasn't paying attention to Missouri-Illinois pedestrian access when we went to the game at Busch Stadium on the trip last year, and that's the only time in my life I've ever been to downtown St. Louis.

I certainly feel like more of a pedestrianist than I used to, now that I've been commuting to work via bus for the past three months!
P.S.: Levi certainly seems to nap a lot more often than I do!
From Citizens Bank Park, it's under 3 miles to NJ. Does that count?
All right, fine, it's possible to walk to every single major league stadium from another state. Dodger Stadium or Angel Stadium from Arizona, across miles of desert? No problem! Dolphins Stadium (formerly Pro Player Stadium) from Georgia, across miles of swamp and alligators? A delightful jaunt in the park!
Walking to Dolphins Stadium through the Everglades is surely safer than taking Amtrak.

So is everything, statistics say.
Don't forget faster, Levi.
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