Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Baseball-related Katrina note

Looks like the New Orleans Zephyrs got out of town okay, and their stadium, Zephyr Field, seems to have come through in good shape. (This is not a recent photo, but note the ad for Blue Bunny ice cream next to the scoreboard on the stadium facade -- that's the one thing in the picture that I support wholeheartedly.)

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All right, there's no reason why my son should be losing out on the Bill James retrofest. As soon as I can find a box, I'll be shipping you so many old Bill James' Abstracts that a certain friend of yours will be sorry he ever heard of Bill.

Signed, an original Bill James fan (where is he, Bill, today?)
He's actually working for the Boston Red Sox as an advisor, in which role he got a World Series ring last year.

His career is an impressive example of how, sometimes, someone with brains and good ideas can get somewhere with them. He was working nights as a security guard when he photocopied the first Abstract.
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