Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Ten games for Steroids, Six for Milk

A Marlins batboy has been suspended for attempting to drink a gallon of milk on a bet before a game.

Many, many things about this story seem wrong to me.

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I thought milk did a body good.

Maybe the Marlins would've been OK with it if it had been a gallon of cod liver oil instead.
Sounds like an episode of "Clubhouse" to me!
Two notes:

1) At baseballprimer, where this story hit the blog this morning, a commentator, Eraser-X, said:
"That's nothing. I got my friend to snort an entire packet of fun dip during school. He was sent to the principal's office because the teacher asked, 'Is that Cocaine?!' and he responded, 'Yeah, CHERRY cocaine!"'"

2) My brother, hearing this story, said that at the University of Evansville when he was an orientation leader, one of the orientation activities was a milk-chugging contest. The contestants were offered a choice of milk styles: skim, whole, chocolate, or strawberry. I'm puking right now just thinking about chugging strawberry milk. Matt said the one kid who drank the whole milk barfed like people in movies barf. I'm picturing Mr. Creosote.
Milk-chugging contest? I wish I could go back to college!
And Eric Zorn, mentioned here the other day, has now referred to Mr. Creosote on his blog, complete with photo. Forget Kevin Bacon; we're now in good shape to play Six Degrees of
My Radiothon fundraiser back at CRC was "Make Luke Puke." (If memory serves, Stacey created a beautiful sign for it that I may still have somewhere.) For a dollar I'd drink a glass of milk. For another dollar I'd spin in a circle.

Unfortunately, it was a total failure. I raised only $5 or so, and puking did not occur.
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