Friday, August 12, 2005


The days they come, the days they go

Some days, you look out your office window and wish you'd taken the day off to go see the Cardinals and Cubs at Wrigley Field, like you used to always do back when tickets were more readily available after the first day of tickets sales and such outings didn't, therefore, have to be so rigorously planned.

Other days, you don't.

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Re the advertisement on this page: "SBC Summer Series"? Can't wait until every rivalry, or even non-rivalry, has a sponsor attached to it. "North American Van Lines Presents the Nationals vs. the Giants." "Tigers vs. Blue Jays, Brought to You by That Tim Hortons with Really Slow Service at the Highway 401 Service Plaza." "Devil Rays vs. Royals, Presented by Delta 'This Is the Only Advertising We Could Afford Now That We're Bankrupt' Airlines."

(Note: Delta hasn't actually filed for bankruptcy...yet.)
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