Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Things are easy when you're big in Japan

As I've been going through the archives of this blog putting the old comments into the actual posts (almost done, but not quite), I was reminded of a few things. Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus bringing their fight to, for example. Jason's strange obsession with Calista Flockhart eating hot dogs. Oh, and back in March of 2004, I had expressed dismay that a certain page on was unavailable for sponsorship at that time.

I immediately checked its current status, and, well, is now sponsoring's Tuffy Rhodes page.

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It's not that strange.
You know, Levi, no one is currently sponsoring Bob Sykes' page on He lives in your hometown.
Obviously Levi's hometown newspaper should sponsor Bob Sykes' page. If not the newspaper itself, then maybe just the sports department. If not the sports department itself, then just its star reporter...
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