Sunday, July 31, 2005


Take off your rainbow shades

Jason and I are taking a weekend trip to Phoenix in September (actually, we'll be staying in a motel in Tempe), and it's going to include attendance at a Diamondbacks game...

I bought a pair of tickets on Can you believe a season-ticket holder would want to see the D-Backs play the Rockies so little that they'd be selling these tickets for half-price? (Half the single-game price, that is; there's a big season ticket discount that's already reflected in the price printed on this ticket.)

After the baseball game, Jason and I will be heading for the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe to see the ASU Sun Devils play our beloved Northwestern Wildcats in a game that starts at 7:00, but that's more of a topic of discussion for Football-Related Program Activities.

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I'd be interested in seeing pictures of any type of tributes ASU might have to its most famous alum, Barry Bonds. I vividly remember watching Bonds play at the College World Series for ASU in the mid-80s.
Sure, the ASU baseball stadium is right near the football stadium, so perhaps we'll have time to see if there are any Bonds tributes over there.
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