Friday, July 15, 2005


The grass is always greener on the other side, they say

The only real comment I have about watching the Devil Rays-Blue Jays game on TV tonight is that when Levi and I saw the Jays at SkyDome last year, the artificial turf was a brilliant shade of bright green; now that the building is known as Rogers Centre, they've switched to the modern-day artificial turf that more closely matches the color of real grass, yet somehow manages to look much worse on TV than real grass does.

Since that wasn't quite substantial enough for a post, I'll also provide a baseball-related excerpt from Bennett Cerf's 1956 collection of jokes and anecdotes "The Life of the Party"...

Two rooters at a ball game were so engrossed in the contest that neither wanted to take time out to march back to the refreshment bar for hot dogs -- and there wasn't a vendor in sight. They finally bribed a kid nearby to go for them, giving him forty-five cents and saying, "Buy a dog for yourself at the same time."

The kid came back with thirty cents change for them, explaining, "They only had my hot dog left."

Actually, this one is slightly more typical of a Bennett Cerf collection of jokes and anecdotes...

Milton Berle discovered Tallulah Bankhead rooted to a radio in her dressing room one day, screaming her head off for the New York Giants. "Gosh," exclaimed Miltie, "I didn't realize you were so interested in the national pastime." "Darling," snapped Tallulah, "I am the national pastime."

Incidentally, Tallulah wanted some new recipes for her chef to try. She called her favorite bookseller and ordered two copies of Fanny Farmer's Boston Red Sox Cookbook!

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I did think of something else: I was fast-forwarding the TiVo through what seemed to be an unusually high number of car commercials; FSN Florida was even having to slot them back-to-back (and since I was watching on DirecTV, I know none of them were local cable inserts).

Clearly, the various automobile dealer advertising groups in the Tampa Bay area have figured out that watching the Devil Rays on TV tends to lull people into a stupor, thus greatly lowering their sales resistance.
Or perhaps they've realized that the only people watching the D'Rays on TV are stuck at home without a car?
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