Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Get your game on, go play

My thoughts about the All-Star Game, and Fox's coverage thereof...

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Thought of two more...

1. It's nice that even people making millions of dollars a year, such as Miguel Tejada, can be made speechless by discovering that, in addition to the MVP trophy, they also get a Corvette -- although hopefully, he won't have to take that yellow Corvette they drove on the field. Why would anyone want a Corvette in a color other than red?

2. Was I the only one hoping that Kenny Rogers would stomp the Fox camera buried in front of the pitcher's mound into a million billion pieces?
we call that camera the zombie cam. and bob makes zombie noises whenever we are looking through its dead, dead eye.

also, jim, did you see the tv version of the bad news bears? we rented it recently and i was wondering how much underage drinking made it to the fox version.
By "tv", I think Stacey means "1970s."
If you watch it on your TV, that makes it the TV version, kind of. The new one is from Paramount, not Fox, which was my point somewhere in there. I think I may have seen the original via rented VHS tape many, many years ago, but don't really remember it at all.

Also, as I was waiting at the bus stop this morning, I saw a man who was not Miguel Tejada driving down Burbank Boulevard in a new-ish yellow Corvette, so I guess there are people who buy them in that color -- or maybe that was Miguel Tejada's Corvette, and I should have done my public duty and reported it stolen.
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