Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Enemies's Page 2 columnist, Dave Schoenfield, has a good piece today wherein he posits that each team has its number-one most-hated figure, be it an opponent, an owner, or an underperforming team member. He then picks each team's Public Enemy Number 1. Though I disagree with him on some choices (Smamy Sosa over Steven Bartman?), any article that includes references to Operation Shutdown, the hideous nature of the D'Backs' uniforms, and Kent Hrbek leg-wrestling Ron Gant in 1991 is a good way to start your day.

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Jim: I would argue that, with Barry Bonds a non-factor so far this season, current Dodger hatred goes to GM Paul DePodesta (and to a lesser extent the owner and his wife, Frank and Jamie McCourt).

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It was fun, even with my limited intelligence, to vote in all of the polls and see who the fans had picked as Most Hated. I wasn't surprised to see that John Rocker was still more hated by Mets fans than even the despicable Larry Jones - the guy continues to get bad press years after he should have become a nobody. But if Steve Bartman is polling higher than Sosa, I don't think it's because anyone actually *hates* him, just that anger at Sosa was limited to the time he was here doing nothing. If Billy and/or Sam Cianis had been on the ballot, or even Dusty Baker, I'm sure Bartman would have come in a distant 2nd or 3rd.
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