Saturday, July 09, 2005


Commentators ahoy!

Okay, I have now switched things over to the Blogger comment system, so your ability to comment on posts here should be back for good. Unfortunately, for reasons known only to Blogger, it looks like the oldest posts -- May 9, 2004, and before -- don't have comment-ability.

I am now going to attempt to put the comments from the old system into every post, which is going to be ridiculously tedious. And I do it all for you.


Sounds good to me!
Me, too! No, I don't have multiple personality disorder, I'm just testing this newfangled comment system.
I'm just returning from vacation and wanted to get your reaction to the London situation. How long did you live there? Have you talked to anyone from there since it happened?
Would also be a good opportunity to tell the Sinead story.
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