Thursday, July 01, 2004


Baseball is all about statistics

Since it's July 1st, here are some highlights of the June statistics for this site...

Original comments...

Levi: It's not that I obsessively check this page. It's that I have assigned my assistant, as about 70% of her duties, to obsessively check it and write up reports for me.

Jim: Also, you can't really access the site anywhere but your office (unless you take your laptop, um, "warwalking"), whereas I can access it from my office, from home, and probably from my cell phone if I'm willing to pay 25 cents a minute. And I get new comments e-mailed to me, so I only have to check the site if I can't figure out the context of a comment (e.g., when I get an e-mail that tells me nothing but that Steve said "You're a regular Charlie Lau or whatever the hell that guy's name is."


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