Thursday, July 22, 2004


Alternate universe version of the trip number two, continued

Orioles 8, Red Sox 3. The Sox and Orioles played two at Fenway today; unfortunately, it was a doubleheader of the day-night variety, so we didn't get two games for the price of one.

À demain: Montréal, pour les Expos contre les, uh, Poissons. (A chance to demonstrate my vague knowledge of French!)

Original comments...

Toby: Translation:

Tommorow: to Montreal for the Expos against the, uh, Fish.

A chance (probably the first and only chance) to use that French minor I have hanging on the wall.

Levi: One of my favorite stories (wait: I suppose it's really the only one I know) involving baseball and French: A guy online wrote about being at an Expos game when Michael Barrett homered. The two guys in front of him jumped up and shouted "Oui, Monsieur!"

I've been practicing this so it will sound natural in August.

Jim: Memorizing French translations of baseball terms may come in handy. The best and most poetic rendering by far is knuckleball, which is apparently "balle de papillon" in French: "butterfly ball."

Actually, a lot of these are great. Fly ball is "chandelle," which means "candle." Fair ball is "bonne balle," or "good ball." Walk is "base automatique," which is exactly what it sounds like. Home run is "circuit," or better yet, "coup de circuit," and that's exactly what it sounds like, too.

Jason: If you guys don't purchase & consume any poutine while you're there, I will be disappointed.

As Wade Carney would say in his Elvis impression: "It's a king's world, baby...and gravy's a beverage!"

Jim: I think poutine is made with meat gravy, which means Levi probably won't be consuming any. Guess I'll have to eat enough for both of us.

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