Monday, July 26, 2004


Alternate universe version of the trip number two, the end

Cubs 3, Brewers 1. Hooray for Matt Clement and that thing on his chin! I'm sure Levi would rather have been in Cincinnati to see the Cardinals get four runs in the 11th inning, though.

But now that this imaginary trip is over, we can concentrate fully on the real trip, which -- lest we forget -- begins in less than four weeks. And by the way, Levi, you might as well enter this contest. Just send a picture of yourself wearing one of those Cardinals caps you're always wearing, even to games involving the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates. (That picture was taken the night of Mark Prior's major league debut, incidentally.)

Original comments...

stacey: i don't think matt clement shaved before last night's game. thus he was described as "gritty" by mlb today. *sigh* i'm just glad that the cubs have FINALLY scored some runs to back up their cutest pitcher.

Luke: Remember when Matt Clement shaved his beard last year?

That was great.

Levi: Remember when Mark Prior didn't have facial hair?

And remember when Matt Morris didn't have that soul patch that's about the size and strength of Cheney's soul?

And remember when Johnny Damon had a beard?


Jason: Remember John Kruk?

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